Reconstruction of the Stompwijkseweg


Reconstruction of the Stompwijkseweg

The Stompwijkseweg is getting a new road surface over a length of about four kilometres; the bank construction is being partly replaced and partly renovated.
To make the road more attractive for recreational traffic, there will be bicycle lanes on both sides. After completion of the work, the road can last at least another forty years.
The existing bank construction is reinforced by placing pipe piles behind the quay down to the hard pleistocene sand layer.

Solines supplied all the foundation piles for this project

Subsequently, the pipe piles are attached to the existing roof gutter with reinforcing steel and concrete. After that, the existing anchoring can be completely removed.
Solines supplied all the foundation piles for this project. The steel pipes used for this project are of diameter Ø 508 mm, in wall thicknesses of 8.8 and 12.7 mm. The pipe piles were welded to size by Solines at various lengths from 14.00 to 16.50 m and delivered complete to the job site. Here, the pipes were unloaded on a pontoon and installed from the water. The total order included approx. 920 tonnes in 8.8 mm and approximately 425 tonnes in 12.7 mm wall thickness.

The grade of the 8.8 mm thickness is X60; due to this higher steel quality, a thinner wall thickness can be used. Almost all the pipe piles have now been installed for the project.

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