January 2024

Project - Foundation tubes for new entrance at Moerdijk

Steel tubes for a new entrance and gate

We would like to inform you about a recent development at Solines BV in Moerdijk. As part of our ongoing efforts to grow and improve, we have started a project to expand our premises. This includes the addition of a new entrance and gate, which represents a practical improvement for our business operations. In collaboration with Kennis Heiwerken from De Kwakel, six steel tubes have been installed in the first phase of this project. These tubes, with a diameter of...

December 2023

Delivery welded pipes Ø 168.3 x 4.0 mm

Delivery of longitudinally welded steel pipes Ø 168.3 x 4.0 mm

To conclude the year, our team in Dortmund, Germany, undertook an important task: the delivery of 260 custom-cut steel pipes with a diameter of Ø 168.3 x 4.0 millimeters and a uniform length of 6 meters. With a tight deadline of just one week, our specialists not only sawed the pipes to the desired length but also carefully packaged them in bundles of 10, ensuring they could be transported safely and systematically. The logistics at Solines are so well optimized...

October 2023

200 Tons steel tubes delivered

200 Tons of brand new steel tubes for Solines GmbH in Dortmund

An impressive delivery of 200 tons of steel tubes arrived at our facility in Germany today. These tubes, ranging in size from Ø 273.0 millimeters to Ø 508.0 millimeters, were delivered in several fully loaded trucks. And despite the large quantity, everything was processed within a single day. Our efficient time slot management ensured that wait times were kept to a minimum. In some instances, we were able to handle four trucks simultaneously. After a thorough quality check of the...

April 2023

Sawing machine Adige TS72

New investment: Adige TS72 automatic sawing machine

Solines GmbH commissioned a new sawing machine at its Dortmund site at the beginning of this year, which will lead to increased productivity. With the Adige TS72 automatic sawing machine, up to four different lengths can be cut from one trade length. The sawing machine can be fully programmed so that the cut lengths can be unloaded at up to three different end positions, depending on their length. The scrap section can also be programmed as the fourth end...

December 2022

Customised steel tubes

Customisation possibilities at Solines

In addition to trading steel pipes, Solines can customise almost any pipe thanks to certified specialist personnel. For a customer order, Solines cut thick-walled steel pipes to size, which then had to be chamfered on both sides. A total of 40 lengths were cut and 80 edges chamfered. The dimensions involved were Ø323.9 x 16.00 mm., Ø406.4 x 16.00 mm. and Ø610.0 x 22.20 mm. Are you looking for steel pipes to be sawn or welded? Then please contact us:

October 2021

Visitors at Solines in Moerdijk

We had visitors at Solines!

We had some students from the Markland College in Zevenbergen visiting us! The students from Mavo 2 were given an extensive tour of Solines and were given an insight into the world of steel tubes! The purpose of the visit was to give the students an insight into what jobs there are to be found in the Moerdijk area. But also what kind of work we do here at Solines! In this way, the students can gain inspiration for their...

June 2018


Solines has purchased a large batch in Turkey with round steel pipes.

In total, more than 880 tonnes were unloaded, which arrived divided over 2 partial loads per boat. There is a nice range of diameters between Ø 48.3 mm and Ø 323.9 mm. Wall thicknesses range from 3.0 to 12.7 mm, and almost all the pipes have the steel grade S355. A nice addition to our stock with which we can serve you better as a customer. If you are looking for steel pipes, please contact one of our sales people....

October 2017

nieuwe Sennebogen 650 HMC kraan voor solines-stalen buizen

New dock crane for Solines

The 1976 Nellen crane has retired. This old crane is no longer reliable due to years of intensive use. That is why Solines bought its second Sennebogen dock crane from the Kuiken Firm in Emmeloord at the end of last year. This was delivered in March and has now taken the place of the old Nellen crane. Compact Sennebogen 650 HMC The new Sennebogen 650 HMC is one level heavier. This crane has the undercarriage of an 80-tonne mobile crane and...

New Behringer band saw

In week 14 of 2011, our new Behringer band saw was set up, and it was put into operation in week 15. The band saw type HBP 800-1201 cuts up to a diameter of 1250 mm wide and 840 mm high. But it can also handle 2 pipes with a diameter of 600 mm next to each other, or 1 pipe with a diameter of 800 mm. By means of the measuring device type 4a with CNC control unit,...

SIP - Screw Injection Piles

NEW at Solines: Micropiles (SIP) from stock

Screw-injection piles, SIP for short, are increasingly finding their way into foundation technology as pile foundations. Solines supplies SIP piles from stock in the dimensions Ø88.9 x 10 mm and Ø114.3 x 10 mm and in the steel grade S355. Both diameters are mainly produced as 1-metre pieces. You can also turn to us for different lengths. We deliver those within 3 to 4 weeks. Screw injection pile: SIP A screw injection pile is a steel pipe pile that has a shell...