Customization in steel pipes

Customization in steel pipes

Have steel pipes belled

We bell pipes from a diameter of 168.3 mm through a diameter of Ø 508 mm. Thanks to our belling machine with belling scales, we can produce a short widened end of only 5 cm. This means your loss of length is minimal!

Cutting steel pipe

With our Behringer band saw, we can cut up to a diameter of 820 mm. In large numbers and with narrow tolerances. Is the diameter too big for our saw? Then we can shorten your pipes of up to 2500 mm with our torch cutter.

Beveled ends

We can quickly and effectively cut weld edges to any desired diameter. This ensures that the pipes can easily be connected to each other by means of a (half) V-seam.

Flange welding

We take care of the welding on of flanges for your piping quickly and professionally for you!

Drill point welding

Are you looking for drilling piles? Solines takes care of everything for drilling points for you, such as welding on the drill point, placing the grout injection waterpipes and applying a beveled or welded edge.