Welded steel pipes

For welded steel pipes, turn to Solines.
High quality at a very competitive price.

Looking for steel pipes in a specific size?

Solines delivers customization. This means that we can torch cut all pipes up to a diameter of 2500 mm. Are you looking for steel pipes with a specific dimension? Then you have come to the right place! Our specialists are at your service, and, due to our extensive stock, we can also be of service quickly.

  • Every situation is unique, and that calls for advice tailored to your needs. Together, we look at the choice that is most favourable for you.
  • Do you have special requests? No problem! With us, your pipes are expertly cut, welded, burnt and belled.
  • You get high quality at a very low price.

Expert advice on welded steel pipes

Our stock is around 40,000 tonnes of pipes and steel profiles. You know which welded steel pipes you need, and we ensure that our product comes to you in the best shape. Should you have questions and would like advice from our specialists: do not hesitate. Contact us! Service with flexibility and speed is the number one priority for us.

Fast and expertly burnt, cut and belled

In addition to welding steel pipes, we can also burn, cut and bell them for you. All with outstanding professionalism. Because we attach great importance to our reliability and because the price may not come at the expense of quality, we perform all work within our own organization.

Steel pipes delivered quickly

Solines delivers worldwide and, in addition to a large stock, we also have multiple terminal trucks, trailers and a second independent branch in Germany. Our location in Moerdijk is also very conveniently located and is situated between the surrounding motorways and deep sea access. Solines also has its own connection to the rail network. Thanks to these excellent logistics facilities, we can deliver your pipes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

High quality at a competitive price

All the welded steel pipes that you order from us are new and come from surplus or second choice batches. Naturally, the lots we buy are carefully selected for quality upon purchase. In addition, this process is repeated when the pipes enter our warehouses. This way, we assure you of the highest quality pipes at a very competitive price.

Request a no-obligation quotation.

And receive a razor-sharp offer within one working day. Do you prefer to have telephone contact? Our advisors can be reached at 0168 – 35 66 55.

About Solines

As one of the larger distributors in the Netherlands, Solines offers you a very wide range of welded steel pipes. Solines has a large range of welded steel pipes in second choice and surplus.