Vibro piles

Are you looking for vibro piles?
Solines supplies vibro piles that are used as a foundation pile.

Vibro piles as a foundation system

As a Dutch steel supplier, Solines plays an important role in supplying vibro piles in the Netherlands and the vast majority of Europe. We have made this possible thanks to a second branch in Germany. From our large stocks, you always have access to readily available welded steel pipes.

Vibro piles are thick-walled pipes with diameters of approximately 300 to 610 mm and wall thicknesses of 20 to 25 mm. The pipes are brought to depth and then filled with concrete mortar. During this process, the pipe is pulled out of the ground with vibration, leaving only the concrete behind. A vibro pile should therefore be seen as a mould for forming foundation piles in the ground and should therefore be reused. We see this work process mainly in high-rise buildings.

Thick-walled steel pipes at competitive prices

The steel tubes that we offer come from surplus batches or second choice batches. We buy different sizes of steel pipes in the market for surplus batches. This allows us to deliver a wide range of pipes from stock at very competitive prices. Pipes that we purchase are checked on arrival for quality. You are thus always assured of a good steel pipe.

For a building of 100 x 350 meters, 1,400 piles will be driven into the ground. A complete building therefore rests on piles formed by vibro piles. The quality therefore must be perfect!

In addition to vibro piles, Solines also supplies a wide range of high-quality products in the form of welded steel pipes. From large welded, gas pipes, construction pipes, small and large profile pipes and galvanized pipes to PE pipes.

Solines also offers top quality at competitive rates for vibro piles. We deliver throughout Europe and also from a second branch in Germany.


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