Gas pipes

Steel galvanized pipes, also called gas pipes.

Gas pipes have a standard trade length of 6 meters. The steel galvanized pipes are immediately available from our stock and are delivered per bundle. There is a choice of galvanized pipes in different diameters and wall thicknesses.

Our gas pipes are hot-dip galvanized and have smooth ends. In addition, the pipes naturally comply with DIN 2440 and NEN standards for gas pipes. We can also supply gas pipes with thread and socket.

The steel galvanized pipes are extremely sturdy and are very suitable for constructions that have to withstand a lot of force.
In addition, we see that the material is used extensively in stall structures and horticulture. Galvanized gas pipes are made of steel that has been dipped in a bath of liquid zinc. The zinc forms a layer that protects the pipes against rust and other harmful influences.

Do you want fast delivery and the best price?

Solines supplies galvanized pipes at very competitive prices. The prices are per bundle. Interested? Request a quotation immediately.

Gas pipes in the Solines warehouse
Bundle of galvanised gas tubes
Solines gas tubes - Galvanised tubes