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In this section, we regularly post new batches of steel pipes that we have secured for you For the current stock and prices of every type of steel pipe, contact our sales department.
Verzinkte stalen buizen

Galvanized steel pipes | Ø 51.0 x 2.25 mm

Greenhouse builders note: the size of galvanized steel pipe of Ø 51.0 x 2.25 mm, popular for greenhouse construction, is back in stock! Ideally suited as rails. These pipes are ordered new from factories that deliver a reliable and very good quality. 260 tonnes Lengths 7 metres These thermally (hot-dipped) galvanized pipes...

Langsnaad gelaste stalen buizen | Ø 457x12,7 mm | X60

Straight-seam welded steel pipes | Ø 457×12.7 mm | X60

Are you looking for excellent quality drill pipes at very competitive prices from renowned pipe manufacturers? View this range of straight-seam welded steel pipes. More than 110 tonnes Lengths between 8 and 13 metres (total about 800 metres) Steel pipes in this format are often used as a drill pipe by foundation...