23 Tons of galvanized steel tubes Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm

Steel tubes Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm

23 Tons of galvanized steel tubes Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm

Solines BV proudly presents an impressive stock of galvanized steel tubes, with specific dimensions of Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm. This week, we spotlight a special batch consisting of tubes with a combined weight of over 23 tons and a total length of more than 2,400 meters. These tubes, conveniently packaged in bundles of 19 pieces each 6 meters long, are immediately available for various applications.

Our electrolytically galvanized steel tubes, with dimensions Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm, are the ideal choice for numerous construction projects. Whether you’re creating frames or fences, their robust construction and excellent resistance to corrosion make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These galvanized tubes are also highly appropriate in the agricultural sector due to their durability and versatility, for example, in greenhouse construction.

Are you interested in this batch of galvanized pipes with dimensions Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm, but need them in different lengths? Solines Welding & Construction offers the service to cut these tubes to size and deliver them ready for use to your location. This saves you time and additional costs, while ensuring precision and quality.

For more information about this batch of steel tubes with dimensions Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm, or if you are interested in steel tubes of the same diameter but with different specifications, such as non-galvanized or with a different wall thickness, please contact our knowledgeable sales staff. We are reachable at +31 (0)168 – 35 66 55 or via email at sales@solines.nl. At Solines, we are eager to assist with your project, providing the right materials and advice.

Detail photo - Galvanized tube Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm
Bundle - Galvanized tubes Ø 114.3 mm
Bundles - Galvanized tubes at Moerdijk (NL)
Galvanized tubes Ø 114.3 x 3.25 mm

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