Thick wall steel tubing

Thick wall steel tubing directly from stock in any desired length

Want to buy thick-walled steel tube?

Solines has a large stock of thick wall steel tubing in various diameters. These thick-walled pipes come from surplus and downgraded batches. These welded thick-walled tubes are usually used as pile drivers, drilling pipes, mooring posts and for other construction work. The pipes are available in various sizes. The smallest thick-walled pipe has a diameter of 76.2 millimeters with a wall thickness of 17 millimeters. The largest size of thick-walled pipe has a diameter of no less than 1,626 millimeters and a wall thickness of 19.1 millimeters. Naturally, there are many other dimensions in between. All welded thick-walled steel pipes are immediately available from stock in the length and diameter you require.

Steel tubes cut to size

Each thick-walled steel tube can be sawn to size

Tubes from surplus

Competitive prices, advantageous alternatives

Short delivery time

Thick-walled steel pipes in stock so that we can deliver quickly

Thick-walled steel pipes at attractive prices

The thick-walled steel pipes that we offer come from downgraded and surplus lots. The thick-walled pipes and other metal thick-walled pipes are purchased in large quantities on the surplus lots market in various dimensions. This enables us to supply a wide range of drill pipes very quickly from stock at attractive prices. Naturally, every welded thick-walled tube that is purchased is checked for quality. At Solines BV you are always assured of a reliable and thick-walled steel tube, and the price does not detract from the quality.

Delivered quickly and to size

Do you need thick wall steel tubing welded quickly in the diameter you require? Then we will ensure that the thick-walled tube is quickly at your disposal! Our delivery is fast and efficient because Solines has excellent logistical facilities at its disposal, such as its own trailers and terminal trucks. We cover a wide area thanks to a second independent branch in Germany and a central location on the Moerdijk industrial complex with direct connections to the surrounding highways, deep-sea water and our own connection to the railway network.

Welded tubes available in any length

Your pipes (and screw injection piles) are welded to any dimension. We can also burn thick-walled pipes for you up to a diameter of 1420 mm and saw them fully automatically up to a diameter of 820 mm. You will always receive the exact length and diameter that you require. By outsourcing this service, you will save time, reduce costs and minimise waste.

Expert advice on thick-walled pipes

For more information and advice about our (welded) thick-walled steel pipes you can contact our experienced sales staff by telephone. Is the steel tube you are looking for unexpectedly not available? Then we will gladly think along with you and look for an alternative to be of service to you!

Thick wall steel tubing
Thick wall steel tubing
Thick walled steel pipes
Thick walled steel pipes
  • Downgraded batches and surplus pipes at favourable prices
  • Wide range constantly in stock
  • We deliver customised work if required
  • Fast delivery by excellent infrastructure

Short delivery times on thick-walled steel tubes

Solines supplies thick-walled steel tubes throughout the Netherlands and also in most European countries. Loading of welded tubes is fast and efficient because Solines has a large stock of tubes. In addition, Solines has 5 mobile cranes, 3 terminal trucks, 5 trailers and even a second independent branch in Germany at its disposal. Solines has a unique position thanks to its direct connections to the surrounding motorways, a connection to the railway network and deep water. Would you like to receive your thick-walled steel tubes in the short term? Then Solines is your supplier!

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And receive a competitive offer within one working day. Do you prefer contact by telephone? Our sales department can be reached at +31 (0)168 – 35 66 55.