Drill pipes delivered to size

Drill pipes fully operational and customized

Customization in drill pipes

Are you looking for a supplier of drill pipes that fully handles the delivery? Then choose from the broad range of Solines. We custom-manufacture the steel pipes for you and deliver them ready for use on location.

We handle the following work:

  • Welding on the drill point
  • Tipping the drill pipe (up to 508 mm)
  • Application of a bevel or weld edge
  • Placing the spray lance
  • Various welding work
  • Coating or galvanizing the drill pipe
  • Delivery of drill pipe on location
close up onder poederdek lassen

More than 40,000 tonnes of steel pipes in stock

Solines has more than 40,000 tonnes of steel pipes from second choice and surplus batches in stock. You therefore always have the choice of a large and varied range of steel pipes at highly competitive prices. Drill pipes in different diameters and wall thicknesses can be cut and welded quickly and professionally to any desired length.

Quick delivery

Thanks to a second independent branch in Germany and the strategic location of our Moerdijk branch, we can guarantee fast delivery. We have terminal trucks, a direct connection to the rail network and various cranes at our disposal.

Expert advice

Preparing your drill pipes is custom work. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to help you take the best possible choices for your specific situation.

And receive a razor-sharp offer within one working day. Do you prefer to have telephone contact? Our advisors can be reached at 0168 – 35 66 55.