Inspections and material tests

Certificates, inspections and material tests

Testing steel

At Solines, you primarily purchase uncertified products. We understand, though, if you want more information about our steel pipes. That is why we offer to have the steel tested at the renowned inspection agency Elements from Breda. This agency performs inspections, material tests and inspections for us.

  • These tests can be both destructive and non-destructive.
  • Chemical analysis, tensile tests and Charpy impact tests incl. report with the values for the tested steel.

(Non-) destructive inspections and material tests

Upon request for destructive tests, sample rods are removed from the material and tested. In a destructive test, the sample rod is deformed in such a way that it does not returns to its original state. Non-destructive tests are also possible, such as an ultrasonic examination of the welds. These tests are done by a certified inspection agency.

  • Hardness measurement (Charpy impact test)
  • Tensile test
  • Chemical analysis
  • US examination of welding seams

About Solines

Solines is one of the largest distributors in the Netherlands when it comes to second choice and surplus batches of steel pipes. We supply a large variety of steel pipes. From large and small round welded, small/large profile pipes and galvanized pipes to PE pipes.

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