Spiral-welded pipes

Spiral-welded pipes available from stock in any desired length

Spiral-welded pipes

Steel pipes with a spiral seam are mainly seen with larger diameters. The weld seam is visible in spiral form over the surface of the pipe. The welded seam is welded spirally over a twisted plate and thereby has a visible weld bead, on both the inside and the outside.

The weld seam is welded under powder cover. This process is also called Submerched Arc Welding (SAW). Often, spiral welded pipes are used in situations where the appearance of the pipe does not matter. The material, for example, disappears into the ground and is not ‘visible work’. The pipe can also be fitted with a coating system. Many spiral-welded pipes are used, among other things, for hydraulic engineering projects. Because spiral-welded pipes are easy to produce, there is good availability. Thanks to the economical pricing, spiral-welded pipes are a cheap alternative to longitudinally welded pipes. Solines has spiral-welded pipes in different sizes in stock, so they are immediately available.


Spiral-welded pipes cut to size and welded

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Spiral welded tubes in a stack

Sharply priced spiral-welded pipes

Are you looking for a spiral-welded steel pipe with a specific diameter, length and wall thickness for the lowest possible price? Solines supplies spiral-welded steel pipes at very competitive prices! We can do this by purchasing large quantities of second choice pipes and surplus batches. Often, a spiral welded pipe is an economical alternative to a longitudinally welded pipe.

Broad range

We are an international supplier of new and second choice steel pipes, profile pipes and surplus batches. The diameters of our spiral-welded pipes vary from 273 to 2500 mm. With the additional range of our second independent branch in Germany and our contacts with various manufacturers and suppliers of spiral-welded pipes, we are always able to meet your need for spiral-welded steel pipes.

Customization in spiral-welded steel pipes

You can have spiral-welded pipes cut to any desired length. The larger diameters can be cut with a torch cutter. Does welding work need to be done? No problem! At Solines, we have a professional workshop to expertly perform all the common work on the pipes.

  • New, second choice pipes and surplus lots very competitively priced
  • Broad range always in stock
  • We deliver customized work if desired
  • Quick delivery due to ample stock and excellent infrastructure

Quick delivery

Solines supplies in the Netherlands and in the largest part of Europe. Loading is fast and efficient because Solines has a huge stock, 4 mobile cranes, 3 terminal trucks, 5 trailers and a second independent branch in Germany. The central location at the industrial park in Moerdijk with direct connections to the surrounding motorways, deep sea access and its own connection to the rail network gives us a unique position.

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