S235 steel

Steel type S235 properties of steel

What is S235?

S235 is a summary of a number of properties that the material has. For example, the ‘S’ indicates ‘Structural’. Loosely, that means structural steel or steel. The ‘235’ indicates the yield strength in MPa (megapascals in N/mm²) at a thickness of 16 mm. This is an important value because as soon as a tensile force of 235 megapascals is reached, the steel will start to flow, resulting in permanent plastic deformation. Steel designations often have a number of suffixes that say something about the material and the production process, for example: ‘J2’ ‘K2’ ‘C’ ‘Z’ ‘W’ ‘JR’ ‘JO’ ‘N’ of ‘NL’ ‘Q’ of ‘QL’ en ‘M’ of ‘ML’.

Meaning of these abbreviations


S = Structural

275 / 355

The yield strength at a specific stress in MPa (given in N/mm²)

J2 / K2 / JR / JO

The brittleness according to an impact test


Indicates that the plate is weather-resistant


Tensile test in thickness direction (Z35-Z25-Z15 quality)


Suitable for cold rolling or steel with a high (C) = Carbon content


Annealed and normalizing rolled steel


Annealed and normalizing rolled steel with min. specified impact values below -50°


Hardened and tempered steel


Hardened and tempered steel with min. specified impact values below -50°


Thermo mechanically rolled steel


Thermo mechanically rolled steel with min. specified impact values below -50°

The chemical composition of steel is also extremely important. It is a fundamental factor that strongly determines the mechanical properties of the steel. Because of this fundamental role, the production of steel is strictly monitored in accordance with the applicable European standards. The chemical composition depends on the application. For example, S235J2 is a type of steel with increased hardness (J2). The chemical composition of the steel is then slightly different than the standard S235. The engineer/builder must always take into account the exact chemical composition and the application of the material.


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