Square and rectangular pipe profiles

Are you looking for square and rectangular profiles?
Solines has a large stock and we are happy to advise you.

Steel profiles

Are you looking for square and rectangular profiles? Then choose from the extensive stock at Solines. We deliver tubular profiles in various sizes.

  • Broad range of tube profiles available from stock
  • Quick delivery due to excellent logistics facilities
  • Competitive prices
  • Expert advice

Solines has second choice tubular profiles and surplus batches in stock. Contact our sales department for advice on the best solution or alternative for your project.

Quick delivery

Solines has a large stock, 5 cranes, 3 terminal trucks, 5 trailers and a second independent branch in Germany. That is why your square and rectangular pipe profiles can be delivered quickly. The central location at the industrial park in Moerdijk with direct connections to the surrounding motorways, deep sea access and its own connection to the rail network gives us a unique position.

Expert advice

The sales department has extensive experience in the use of tubular profiles. For free advice or consultation about the possibilities, you can contact the sales department by telephone or email.

stalen profielen koop je voordelig bij solines
stalen profielen koop je voordelig en snel bij solines
stalen profielen koop je voordelig en snel bij solines

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Pipe profiles for impressive structures

Pipes and pipe profiles are increasingly used in various sectors. This increase is easily explained in view of the relatively low weight and the limited dimensions of the pipe profiles. These benefits are particularly useful in handling, processing, assembly and storage. We see that pipe profiles are increasingly used for various applications, including steel construction, agricultural equipment, crane construction, greenhouse construction, trailer construction and for office and mobile furniture.

Unique properties of pipe profiles

Because the pipe profiles have these special properties (the low weight and the limited dimensions), they can be used to design and realize impressive structures in which the aesthetic design plays a major role.

What is the difference between cold or hot-formed pipe profiles?

Cold-formed profiles are cold rolled. This means that the profiles are cold formed/drawn. This leaves no mill scale behind. That is why we call this also blank steel.
Hot-formed profiles are hot-rolled. This means that they are processed into a profile at high temperatures in a hot strip mill. Characteristic is that there is a mill scale.