Screw injection piles (SIP)

Does the foundation have to be installed vibration-free?
Use our micropiles (SIP); we deliver within one day.

Micropiles (SIP)

Foundation companies like to use a SIP system in situations where the foundation has to be installed vibration-free. Are you looking for an expert supplier of micropiles? Solines delivers SIPs in steel grade S355 within one day. The steel pipes in the following dimensions are available directly from stock:

  • Diameters 88.9mm / 114.3mm / 139.7mm / 168.3mm
  • Wall thickness 10 mm
  • Length 106m mm (6 cm thread; working 1 metre)
  • New, high-quality micropiles (S355)
  • Standard sizes delivered from stock within one day
  • Non-standard wall thickness, length and diameter delivered within 3 to 4 weeks
  • Welded drill points from our own workshop
  • Expert advice

How does a SIP system work?

A screw injection pile is a steel pipe pile with a diameter of, for example, 88.9 mm and a pile tip with a diameter of 250 mm. The drill tip has an opening. During drilling, a mixture of water and cement (cement grout) is injected through the SIP. The cement grout acts as a lubricant for drilling, and it hardens around the pile. Ultimately, this results in a pile foundation of cement-soil mixture with a steel cylindrical core and strong rigidity.

The micropiles provided by Solines have conical internal and external threads at the ends. They can be therefore be screwed together quickly and drilled to great depths. The micropiles of 106 cm have 6 cm of thread. When these pipes are screwed together, the effective length is therefore one metre per pipe. In the Netherlands, only a few foundation companies have the expertise to apply foundations with micropiles. Solines keeps the most commonly used diameters of SIP pipes in stock as standard. This allows us to deliver within one day.

Custom drilling points

You can also order your micropiles including drill points. Solines has expert welders who produce the drilling tips with blade widths of 250, 300 or 350 mm in our own workshop. It is also possible to order drill points according to your own specification. Solines can also assist you with the purchase/delivery of a coupler. This is the connection between the foundation machine and the steel pipe with which the SIP pipes can be drilled away.

stock of our screw injection pipes

Expert advice

The sellers at Solines have extensive experience in the application of micropiles and have already provided many foundation companies with SIPs to their full satisfaction. For free advice or consultation about the possibilities, you can contact the sales department by telephone.

Benefits of a SIP system

SIP piles are particularly suitable for situations where vibration-free work is needed. Examples are renovation of existing buildings or in the vicinity of vibration-sensitive buildings. In addition, the SIP system is very suitable for situations with limited working height.

  • Ground-displacing
  • Vibration free and low noise
  • Minimum settling and no ground removal
  • High load capacity

About Solines

Solines is one of the largest distributors of second choice and surplus batches of steel pipes in the Netherlands. In addition to micropiles, we also supply a large variety of other steel pipes. From large and small welded round pipes, small or large profile pipes and galvanized pipes to PE pipes.

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