Drilling piles or screw injection pile

Completely ready-to-use drill piles
Solines takes full care of drilling piles for you

Complete construction of drilling piles

Are you looking for drill piles or grout injection piles? You will find them at Solines! We make the pipes fully operational at the best rates. We take all the necessary steps to make the drilling piles ready for use! We are happy to handle everything for you, so that you can focus on your project. In order to handle things for you as well as possible, we have a fully equipped workshop where all the necessary work on the drilling piles is done.

  • Welding on the drill point (provided by the customer)
  • Tipping the pipes (up to 508 mm)
  • Application of a bevel or weld edge for the round seams
  • Placing the grout injection lance
  • Various welding work
  • Coating or galvanizing the drill pile
  • Delivery of the drill pile on location

Wide selection of drill piles in stock

At Solines, you can choose from a wide range of steel pipes in second choice and surplus. The average stock on our strategically located industrial site in Moerdijk is approximately 40,000 tonnes. Precisely because of this large stock, we seldom have to say ‘no’. The combination of diameter and wall thickness you are looking for can therefore be delivered quickly. Your drilling piles are also cut and welded to any desired segment length.

Expert advice

Preparing drilling piles is custom work. Our experienced sales people are happy to advise you on making the best choices in your specific situation.

Request a no-obligation quotation.

And receive a razor-sharp offer within one working day. Do you prefer to have telephone contact? Our advisors can be reached at 0168 – 35 66 55.

Belling or expanding

Belling is a joining technique where we change the diameter of a steel pipe without adding or removing material. Because we change the end of a pipe and make it wider (= belling), another pipe with the same diameter can be pushed into this belled pipe end.


Belling is very suitable as connection technique for building piles!

About Solines

Solines has been active since 1990 as one of the larger distributors of steel pipes in the Netherlands and Europe. Core qualities of Solines are: competitive prices, fast/flexible delivery, ample choice, expert staff and the ability to deliver customized work.