Downgraded steel pipes

Are you looking for downgraded steel pipes?
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Downgraded steel pipes

Are you looking for downgraded steel pipes? And do you want quick delivery at competitive rates? Then feel free to contact Solines! We specialize in the purchase and sale of downgraded steel pipes. With more than 40,000 tonnes of downgraded steel pipes, we have a huge stock. At our locations, we also cut, weld and bell your pipes to size and deliver them to your desired location.

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And receive a razor-sharp offer within one working day. Do you prefer to have telephone contact? Our advisors can be reached at 0168 – 35 66 55.

High-quality pipes

The steel pipes we offer as downgraded are newly produced pipes from reputable manufacturers. We regularly receive new batches of steel pipes. These are usually pipes from overproduction that are offered without a certificate. Hence the name downgraded.


Downgraded steel pipes are often used by foundation companies, contractors or companies in civil engineering.

Quality testing

Would you like more information about the steel quality in advance? Then we can have the pipes tested for you by an independent test institute. We then provide you with a test report of various tests, such as a Charpy impact test, tensile test and test of the yield strength. The test report shows the properties of the steel pipes tested.


For all your questions about the steel pipes from downgraded batches, please contact our experienced advisors from the sales department. They know exactly which steel pipes are the most economical choice for you.

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About Solines

Hence the name downgraded. We are fully focused on quickly providing our customers with good-quality steel pipes at very competitive prices. We have a stock of more than 40,000 tonnes of steel pipes. In different cross-sections, thickness and grades. In addition, Solines delivers customization: we cut and weld pipes to any desired size. We can also fit pipes with spray lances or drill points. Solines is flexible in its working method and likes to collaborate with you.