Steel tubes

Are you looking for steel tubes, or tube profiles?

Steel tubes

Solines supplies different sizes of steel tubes from stock at very competitive prices.

  • Steel tubes delivered very quickly
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Steel tubes delivered very quickly

We understand that you need steel tubes at your disposal for your project. Quick delivery is therefore no problem due to our excellent logistics facilities and large stock. This ensures that your tube profiles are delivered quickly and ready-to-use. Solines is an international supplier of new, second choice steel pipes, profile pipes and surplus batches. The stock of steel tubes and round tubes is around 40,000 tonnes, varying in diameter from 10 to 2,500 mm. Due to the additional range of steel pipes from our second independent branch in Germany, we are always able to meet your need.

Expert advice

Unsure exactly which type you can choose best? Our sales staff will be happy to help you find the most suitable tube for your specific project.


Steel tubes are often used for constructions where flat sides are required. For example, as a support structure for a machine or for commercial and residential construction.

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