Steel pipes

Get customized steel pipes lightning fast
at very competitive prices

Do you need a batch of steel pipes quickly?

Don’t panic! Not even if you need a batch of steel pipes very quickly. As an experienced pipe supplier, we know the needs of our customers like no other. That is why we deliver lightning fast and at very competitive prices. We can do this thanks to our huge stocks in Moerdijk and Dortmund.

Although we do not expect this, it may happen that the steel pipe you are looking for is not in stock. Should that be the case, we always offer a good alternative so that your project will not be hindered.

  • Quick delivery
  • Cut to size and welded
  • Always a good solution for your need
  • Guaranteed quality

Steel pipes delivered quickly

So one thing is certain at Solines: if it is down to the required steel pipes, your project will not be delayed. We can deliver quickly and efficiently due to our well-balanced logistics facilities. We have storage locations in the Netherlands and in Germany, where several of our own terminal trucks and trailers are available. Fast distribution is guaranteed by the central location on the Moerdijk industrial estate with direct connections to the surrounding motorways, deep sea access and a private connection to the rail network.

No better price anywhere

Thanks to our spacious storage areas, we can store and offer large surplus batches. We can thus offer you as a customer of Solines steel pipes at the lowest possible prices.

Steel pipes cut to size and welded

Are you looking for steel pipes in specific or non-standard dimensions? No problem! We can deliver your desired steel pipes exactly to size. We are happy to weld the steel pipes to any desired length and size for you. That saves you not only a significant amount of time, but also in waste and costs!

We torch cut pipes up to a diameter of 2500 mm and cut them with fully automated saw up to a diameter of 820 mm. We use narrow tolerances for this. We can also take care of various welding work, such as installing foot plates and drill points or spray welding.

Always a solution for your need

Our employees have years of experience in the supply of steel pipes. That is why we are happy to collaborate with you so that we can find the best solution for your need.

Guaranteed quality

You can expect the pipes we deliver to be sorted and checked for quality. Regardless of whether the pipes come from our warehouses inside or from our storage facilities outside. We do offer a very competitive price, but at Solines, this is never at the expense of quality. For many engineering companies, contractors, foundation companies, construction companies and steel installers, Solines is known as a very reliable partner. We are incredibly proud of that!

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Solines heeft een eigen spooraansluiting voor het transport van stalen buizen
Verzinkte stalen buizen

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