75 tons of spiral-welded tubes – Ø 1,220.0 x 12.50 mm

Steel tubes Ø 1,220.0 x 12.50 mm

75 tons of spiral-welded tubes – Ø 1,220.0 x 12.50 mm

This week, Solines is offering an exceptional batch of 75 tons of spiral-welded steel tubes, with a diameter of 1,220.0 mm and a wall thickness of 12.50 mm. This batch totals 204 meters of tubes, available in lengths of 12 meters, and is made from S355 quality steel. Our offer is ready for immediate delivery from our storage in Moerdijk.

These robust steel tubes, measuring Ø 1,220.0 x 12.50 mm, are versatile in application. They are ideal for shoring up retaining walls as strut tubes, but are also suitable for structures such as guide works and buffer works at locks. Furthermore, these tubes can be used in combined walls, a combination of steel tube piles and sheet pile constructions, and are applicable in various foundation projects.

If you have specific requirements regarding the length of the spiral-welded tubes, we offer the ability to custom cut the steel of Ø 1,220.0 x 12.50 mm to your desired dimensions. This way, you can receive the exact measurements needed at your location. Welding services on the tubes are also available upon request.

For more information about these spiral-welded tubes of Ø 1,220.0 x 12.50 mm, or if you are interested in tubes of other dimensions, please contact our sales department. You can reach us by email at sales@solines.nl or by phone at +31 (0)168 – 35 66 55. Our experienced staff are ready to assist you with your inquiries and needs.

Steel tubes - Large diameters
Large spiral welded tubes - Front view
Large tubes - 12 Meters long
Spiral welded tubes Ø 1220.0 x 12.50 mm

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