Alternative diameters of steel tubes in stock

Steel tubes Ø 445.0 x 6.3 mm and 477.0 x 11.05 mm

Alternative diameters of steel tubes in stock

At Solines we have various sizes of alternative diameters.

Among them are the diameters 445,0 x 6,3 mm and 477,0 x 11,05 mm. These alternative diameters in various wall thicknesses can serve as an alternative to the more common diameters!

For example, these steel tubes are extremely suitable for use as mooring posts in the water or culverts. They can also be used as foundation piles. Would you like more information about our alternative diameters? Please contact our sales department. Tel. +31 (0) 168 35 66 55 or send an e-mail to

Deviating diameter steel pipes
Steel tubes as mooring posts

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