1,800 Meters of steel tubes in Ø 610.0 x 11.50 mm

Steel pipes Ø 610.0 x 11.50 mm

1,800 Meters of steel tubes in Ø 610.0 x 11.50 mm

Solines BV, located in Moerdijk, offers an impressive stock of steel tubes. This week, we are highlighting a shipment of over 300 tons, featuring tubes with a diameter of Ø 610.0 mm and a wall thickness of 11.50 mm. These longitudinally welded tubes, made from high-quality X65M steel, are readily available.

These particular tubes, sized Ø 610.0 x 11.50 mm, are highly sought after in the foundation sector as well as in construction and infrastructure. They are also popular for maritime uses, such as serving as mooring or docking poles in marinas. An optional PE coating makes them suitable for underwater use.

For projects requiring custom solutions, Solines Welding & Construction offers specialized services. Our capabilities include cutting and welding tubes to custom lengths, sometimes up to 36 meters long. Our qualified and certified welders ensure expert craftsmanship for every task, including fitting flanges, drilling points, or applying a bevel.

If you are interested in more information about these steel tubes or would like to view our entire stock, including other foundation and drilling poles, please contact our sales team. You can reach us at +31(0)168 – 35 66 55 or via email at sales@solines.nl. We are ready to assist with your project needs.

Foundation pipes - Drill pipes at Moerdijk
Ample stock - Ø 610 millimeter pipes
Detail photo - Steel pipe Ø 610.0 x 11.50 mm
Front view - Steel pipes Ø 610.0 x 11.50 mm

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