Steel Tubes Ø 610.0 x 7.10 mm in P355 and P235GH

Steel tubes Ø 610.0 x 7.10 millimeters

Steel Tubes Ø 610.0 x 7.10 mm in P355 and P235GH

This week, Solines BV, located in Moerdijk, has a new stock of high-quality steel tubes on their premises. These tubes have a diameter of 610.0 millimeters and a wall thickness of 7.10 millimeters. They are available in various steel grades, including P355 and P235GH.

The tubes are available in different lengths, ranging from 8 to 18 meters. This specific size (Ø 610.0 x 7.10 millimeters) is popular among various foundation companies. However, they are also used as mooring piles in marinas, as construction elements in various building projects, and in agricultural mechanization.

Do you have a project that requires specific dimensions or modifications? These tubes can be custom cut to perfectly meet your needs. Additionally, welding is also an option. We even offer the possibility to apply a protective PE coating to the tubes. All these modifications are expertly performed with the help of Solines Welding & Construction, ensuring the tubes fully meet your project requirements.

Would you like more information about this new stock of longitudinally welded steel tubes with the specifications Ø 610.0 x 7.10 millimeters? Or are you perhaps interested in the same diameter but with a different wall thickness? For all your inquiries, you can contact us at phone number +31(0)168 – 35 66 55 or send an email to our sales department at One of our experienced sales staff will be happy to assist you.

Batch of steel tubes in Moerdijk
Steel mooring piles Ø 610.0 x 7.10 mm
Construction tubes Ø 610.0 x 7.10 mm
Welded tubes Ø 610.0 x 7.10 mm

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