Heavy-walled steel tubes Ø 177.8 x 50.00 millimeters

Steel tubes Ø 177.8 x 50.00 mm

Heavy-walled steel tubes Ø 177.8 x 50.00 millimeters

At our second independent branch in Germany, Solines GmbH, we are proud to showcase our impressive stock of more than 23 tons of high-quality seamless heavy-walled steel tubes. These seamless tubes, crafted from premium-grade S355 steel, are equipped with a durable protective coating on the exterior, making them exceptionally suitable for demanding industrial applications.

Our seamless heavy-walled tubes are available in lengths ranging from 6.5 to 6.9 meters and are ideally suited for use in machine construction. In this sector, they are often used for specialized applications, where modifications such as CNC machining are frequently necessary to meet specific requirements.

The heavy-walled steel tubes, boasting an impressive diameter of Ø 177.8 x 50.00 millimeters, are distinguished by their robustness and versatility. They are ideal for projects where strength and precision are crucial.

If you are interested in this batch of seamless tubes or are searching for specific dimensions, we warmly invite you to contact our expert sales team. We are ready to advise and assist you in selecting the perfect tubes for your project, whether it’s for these specific dimensions or other diameters and wall thicknesses. For personalized advice, please call us at +31 (0)168 – 35 66 55, or send an email to sales@solines.nl. Your inquiries and needs are our top priority, and we strive to always provide you with the best solutions.

Seamless tubes Ø 177.8 x 50.00 mm
Thick walled tubes Ø 177.8 x 50.00 mm

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