800 Meters of steel tubes Ø 406.4 x 6.30 millimeters

Steel tubes Ø 406.4 x 6.30 mm

800 Meters of steel tubes Ø 406.4 x 6.30 millimeters

This week, Solines BV from Moerdijk is introducing a new batch of steel tubes with a diameter of Ø 406.4 x 6.30 millimeters, totaling more than 800 meters in length and weighing over 50 tons. These tubes are longitudinally welded, and a portion of this batch is coated with a protective PE layer.

The versatility of these tubes, sized Ø 406.4 x 6.30 millimeters, is evident in their range of applications, such as foundation piles, construction tubes, drilling tubes, piling tubes, grout tubes, and jacking tubes, making them extremely suitable for foundation works. Additionally, these tubes can also be used as mooring piles in marinas.

Should you require specific sizes, Solines Welding & Construction offers the ability to cut or weld the tubes with dimensions Ø 406.4 x 6.30 millimeters up to a length of 40 meters. Additional welding services, such as attaching base plates, flanges, interlock clutches, or drill points are also available. All our welders are certified according to EN ISO 1090-2, ensuring the quality of our work.

For more information about our steel tubes of Ø 406.4 x 6.30 millimeters or if you desire a customized specification, please contact our sales department. Our expert sales specialists are ready to assist you. Call us at +31 (0)168 – 35 66 55 or send an email to sales@solines.nl. We are eager to help with your project needs.

Grout pile tubes
Steel pile tubes - Detail
Steel drill piles - Detail
Side view press tubes in Moerdijk

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