50 tons of seamless steel pipes Ø 273.0 x 30.00 millimeters

Seamless pipes - Diameter Ø 273.0 x 30.00 mm

50 tons of seamless steel pipes Ø 273.0 x 30.00 millimeters

At Solines BV, we offer an impressive stock of approximately 50 tons of high-quality, hot-formed seamless steel pipes, with the considerable dimensions of Ø 273.0 x 30.00 millimeters. These premium thick-walled pipes are made from S355J2H grade steel and are ready for immediate delivery. We have a batch of 22 individual pipes, each 12 meters in length, available for our customers.

Seamless steel pipes are essential in demanding industrial environments, where reliability is of crucial importance. Consider the oil and gas sector, chemical production facilities, and the manufacture of specialized machinery. Their homogeneous structure, free of weld seams, provides unmatched integrity and resistance to pressure and corrosion. This makes our seamless pipes with Ø 273.0 x 30.00 millimeters the ideal choice for applications where safety and durability are paramount.

If the standard length of 12 meters does not fit within your project, we can precisely saw the steel pipes to your desired size. Our service, Solines Welding & Construction, is equipped to deliver custom work with extremely tight tolerances, ensuring that you receive pipes that are ready for immediate use.

Would you like to delve deeper into the specifications of our seamless steel pipes with dimensions Ø 273.0 x 30.00 millimeters? Are you looking for precision pipes or thick-walled pipes in non-standard sizes? Or perhaps you prefer longitudinally welded pipes for your project? Our expert sales staff are ready to answer your questions and provide you with professional advice.

For more information about our products and services, please contact us via sales@solines.nl or call us at +31(0)168 – 35 66 55. At Solines, we are dedicated to delivering quality and service tailored to your unique needs.

Detail photo - Seamless steel pipe
Seamless pipes in Dortmund
Seamless pipes - Steel grade S355
Thick walled steel pipes - Seamless

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