New dock crane for Solines

nieuwe Sennebogen 650 HMC kraan voor solines-stalen buizen

New dock crane for Solines

The 1976 Nellen crane has retired. This old crane is no longer reliable due to years of intensive use. That is why Solines bought its second Sennebogen dock crane from the Kuiken Firm in Emmeloord at the end of last year. This was delivered in March and has now taken the place of the old Nellen crane.

Compact Sennebogen 650 HMC

The new Sennebogen 650 HMC is one level heavier. This crane has the undercarriage of an 80-tonne mobile crane and the compact construction of a 50-tonne crane. Due to the limited strut frame of 6.73 x 6.73, it fits perfectly in the paths where the pipes are stored. Because this robust crane has a limited turning radius, it only takes up a little more space than the old Sennebogen 640 HMC.

Working faster thanks to more lifting power and better manoeuvrability

The use of a lattice boom not only increases the lifting capacity, but also the manoeuvrability and mobility. Without extending the struts, the crane can lift 8,000 kg at 8 metres from the heart of the crane and drive away with the load. In short, the ideal crane for a pipe supplier such as Solines. Solines can therefore make use of this crane for years to come.

Sennebogen 650 HMC voor solines stalen buizen

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