Revolutionary magnetic crane

Revolutionary magnetic crane

Solines has put a new mobile transfer crane into use, the Sennebogen 840E.

This crane, with a revolutionary magnet system, lifts up to 5000 kg of steel pipes up at a distance of up to 10 metres.
This makes the pipe wholesale from Moerdijk even more flexible in the handling of steel pipes.

Movable u-pole magnets

The Sennebogen has a rotor with two movable u-pole magnets. These are powerful enough to simultaneously lift two steel pipes of up to 9000 kilograms per steel pipe, with diameters of 168.3 to 610 mm.

Steel pipes loaded faster

Solines continues to look for possible improvements to the logistics process. The loading and unloading of pipes can be done faster, more efficiently and more safely with the new crane.

Extensively tested

The system with the two narrow magnets on the rotor has been developed and extensively tested by the firm KW supply in Rotterdam.

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