NEW at Solines: Screw injection piles (SIP) from stock

SIP Schroefinjectiepalen snel geleverd door Solines

NEW at Solines: Screw injection piles (SIP) from stock

Screw-injection piles, SIP for short, are increasingly finding their way into foundation technology as pile foundations.

Solines supplies SIP piles from stock in the dimensions Ø88.9 x 10 mm and Ø114.3 x 10 mm and in the steel grade S355. Both diameters are mainly produced as 1-metre pieces. You can also turn to us for different lengths. We deliver those within 3 to 4 weeks.

zoekt u schroefinjectiepalen? Solines levert snel en goedkoop
Schroefinjectiepalen snel geleverd tegen de scherpste prijs solines

Screw injection pile: SIP

A screw injection pile is a steel pipe pile that has a shell of hardened cement grout. These piles are soil-displacing and are installed vibration-free. The pile tip has an opening through which the injected cement grout can form around the pile. During the drilling of the pile, the cement grout functions as a lubricant, which reduces the resistance. The cement grout hardens, significantly improving the strength and stiffness of the pile foundation.

Vibration-free SIP foundation for new construction and renovation

Both renovation works and new construction projects benefit from a SIP system. The steel pipe is screwed down. That goes quickly. That is why SIP piles are very suitable for situations where vibration-free work is important. This is the case, for example, when renovating in or near existing buildings, reconstruction work or new construction in the vicinity of vibration-sensitive buildings.

Suitable for limited working heights

The screw injection piles are processed in short sections, usually 1 metre long. This makes the system ideally suited for spaces with limited working height. The pipes have conical internal and external threads at the ends. They screw together perfectly, with little effort, and are then drilled down to any depth.

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