Solines supplies pipes for a railway crossing

door Solines vervaardigde funderingspaal

Solines supplies pipes for a railway crossing

Solines supplied pipes for the foundation of traffic lights and barriers for a railway crossing.
The unique thing about this project is that the foundation had to be placed in soil with very little bearing capacity.

In order to guarantee the stability of the foundation, a hole was first drilled in the soil with a diameter of around 813 mm.
This hole had to be 11 metres deep, in order to achieve an underlayer that had to be sufficiently strong.
A special foundation construction, welded to size by Solines, was installed in this hold, with 12 pieces of sheet steel welded to each pile.
This sheet steel served as distance holders, so that the pile would be placed exactly in the middle of the pre-drilled hole.
The foundation pile was based on the dimensions 323.9 x 10 mm in steel grade S355.
The foundation pile was also fitted with 2 lifting eyes.

After the foundation pile manufactured by Solines was placed in the hole, the space between the foundation pile and the pre-drilled hole was filled with concrete.
After the concrete had hardened sufficiently, the contractor could continue with placing the traffic lights and the barrier at the railway crossing on the manufactured foundation.

door Solines vervaardigde funderingspaal
Solines leverde buizen voor de fundering van verkeerslichten en slagbomen van een spoorwegovergang

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