Steel pipes for a floating jetty in the harbour of Scheveningen.

Large bollard made of steel

Steel pipes for a floating jetty in the harbour of Scheveningen.

Solines regularly sells steel pipes for marinas. For this project in the port of Scheveningen, we not only supplied the steel pipes, but also performed various modifications and welding work. This work consisted, in part, of the manufacture and welding of the strips and mooring rods. Blasting and coating the pipes was also handled by Solines. This project consisted of 1 steel pipe pile Ø 914 x 18 mm with a length of 21 meters and 16 steel pipe piles Ø 323.9 x 14.2 mm with a length of 18 meters. Both diameters are in steel grade S355.

Welding operations on the steel tubes
Coating on the steel tubes

Strips were welded on the steel pipes for a wooden sliding fender and round steel for the mooring rod.

The steel pipes were blasted by the preserver and treated with a 300 mu black DTM coating.

Small steel tubes on the dock of Scheveningen
Placing the small jetty poles

16 steel pipes lie on the quay, ready to be used for the floating jetty.

The placement of the steel pipe piles.

Installation of the large steel pipe

The placement of the large, 21-metre steel pipe pile.

Floating riser in the harbour of Scheveningen

The port prior to this project, and the final result of the jetty itself.

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