Steel pipes for solid jetties in marinas

Stalen buizen voor solide steigers in jachthavens

Steel pipes for solid jetties in marinas

Solines regularly supplies pipes for marinas. Recently, for a floating jetty of 150 meters in Wijk bij Duurstede. Often, the customer is looking for a suitable but above all affordable solution. Such a solution certainly cannot come at the expense of the quality of the total product: the jetty itself!

Alternative diameters of steel pipes in stock

Solines has a perfect solution for customers with this type of request: steel pipes in ‘alternative diameters’. Available from stock.

Custom welded pipes

For installing the 150-meter floating jetty, we used pipes with the dimensions Ø 381.2 x 12.8 mm. In Moerdijk, we welded 9 piles of 20 meters in this diameter. Before the pipes are placed, they are treated with a protective coating.

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