Steel pipes for train washing line in Utrecht

Steel pipes for train washing line in Utrecht

Approximately 350 tonnes of pipes torch-cut to size

Solines supplied steel pipes for the foundation of the concrete retaining wall for the new train washing line in Utrecht. Over two phases, we torch cut and delivered a total of approximately 350 tonnes of pipes in the dimension Ø 473 x 14.71 mm. In order to bring the pipes to depth, the auger method was used.

New train washing line between Utrecht Centraal and Utrecht Lunetten

ProRail commissioned the renewal of the railway track, including the adjacent Public Transportation lane. This is being done on the route of approximately 1.8 km between Utrecht Central and Lunetten, at a job site surrounded by busy tracks that are still in use. The work mainly comprises a widening of the lane body, doubling it to eight tracks, but there is also additional work.

Stalen buizen voor treinwasstraat in Utrecht
Stalen buizen voor trein wasstraat in Utrecht
Solines leverde stalen buizen

One aspect of that additional work is the demolition and new construction of the train wash location – wash line – near Utrecht Centraal. One of the customers of Solines received the contract for the support/foundation for this project and asked us to deliver the pipe piles.

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