Custom-welded long pipes with an alternative to a certificate

Custom-welded long pipes with an alternative to a certificate

The principal of a project called us with the request to supply 10 longitudinally welded steel pipes in dimensions Ø 508 x 12.7mm. Two additional requests made this project worth mentioning:

  • the pipes had to be delivered at a length of 24 meters
  • the material demonstrably had to comply with S355

Welding to size

Solines has qualified welders and all the necessary facilities in house to custom-weld steel pipes to a length of 36 meters. The 10 pipes of 24 meters were therefore well within our reach. For transporting longer pipes, Solines uses regular carriers that have a retractable trailer.

Demonstrable quality

Solines mainly supplies steel pipes from surplus batches from exclusively reputable steel producers. Although it could be delivered without a certificate, the material had to demonstrably have the grade S355. To this end, in consultation with the customer, we:

  • had a chemical and mechanical analysis and tensile test done by an independent test institute
  • documented which pipe numbers made up the welded piles
  • photographed labels with quality markings that had been applied by the factory. The results of the tests were adequate, and the complete dossier was accepted by the principal. The piles have been installed in the project

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