Steel tubes as mooring posts for the “Binnenkant” quay in Amsterdam

Mooring posts for Binnenkant kaai in Amsterdam

Steel tubes as mooring posts for the “Binnenkant” quay in Amsterdam

Solines has delivered a complete load of longitudinally welded tubes in Ø 323.9 x 12.70 mm to a valued customer. All steel tubes were given an external black coating over a length of 4 meters. At the top of the tube, a white coating of half a meter was chosen.

These steel tubes are used as mooring posts for the ‘Binnenkant’ quay in Amsterdam, for the ships and arks at this location.

The entire quay has been renewed and fitted with duckboards and stairs, so that the residents of the houseboats have quick and safe access to their living quarters. For the mooring of the ships and barges, mooring posts in Ø 323.9 x 12.70 have been placed along the entire length of the decking.

Solines delivered these tubes Just-In-Time to the customer at the project in Amsterdam.

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Mooring posts for Binnenkant in Amsterdam
Steel mooring posts are placed
Steel tubes with black coating

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