Solines delivers a steel pipe for Project Veerhaven

Steel tube for project Veerhaven

Solines delivers a steel pipe for Project Veerhaven

Construction work on Project Veerhaven has started!
For this, Solines was able to supply a steel pipe in Ø 660 x 14.3 mm. With a total length of 13 meters.

This wonderful project will further put Hellevoetsluis on the map as a city with quality in all kinds of areas on the Haringvliet. Councillor Pieter Schop recently drove a pile in front of the measuring equipment of Rijkswaterstaat to measure the water levels in the Haringvliet.

Since the 1980s, the site where the old gas factory was once located has been the site of plans for housing development. This resulted in a zoning change to ‘residential’ in this area at the beginning of this century. The Veerhaven project is a long-running dossier that has already involved several councillors. Peter Schop of IBV managed to get this development going, which is why developer BO-wonen chose to invite Mr. Schop for this symbolic first act.

There will be a total of 100 homes in the ferry port, beautifully located near the haringvliet.

Start construction work for project Veerhaven
Project in Hellevoetsluis

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