Train traffic unhindered due to vibration-free bridge foundation

Train traffic unhindered due to vibration-free bridge foundation

drilling point

The traffic bridge in Denderleeuw in Belgium was in dire need of replacement. The new Kemelbrug had to be placed right next to the existing railway bridge. In order not to hinder train traffic, the vibration-free drilled placement of drill piles for the foundation was requested, with prefab pipes including spray lance and drill points supplied by the customer.

The current bridge in the Wellestraat in Denderleeuw dates back to 1920 and is in dire need of replacement. Since 2013, heavy traffic has been barred from using this bridge. Recently, construction began on the foundation for the new Kemelbrug.

Vibration-free drilling of Tubex piles

Tubex piles were used for the foundation of the Kemelbrug. A total of 78 drill piles with a pipe diameter of 457 mm and pile length varying from 18 to 23 m. Two abutments and two interim support points were installed in a four-week timeframe. The steel pipes were drilled in completely free of vibration by two pile drivers.

trillingvrij door geboorde brugfundering

Prefab pipes from Solines Welding & Contruction

The pipes were supplied by Solines BV and are of high-quality steel. The drilling piles were delivered fully prefabricated by Solines Welding & Construction. Customization has been provided by delivery with welded-on drill point and including spray lance. This allows our customer to guarantee an optimal turnaround time to his client. The customer is very pleased with this.


Great appearance

The new bridge will be a few metres in front of the old one, a bit more towards the centre of Denderleeuw. It will consist of steel beams covered with concrete, specifically ‘fair-faced concrete’ for the aesthetic finish. The parapets consist of a steel structure with polycarbonate sheets. The road surface will be laid in asphalt, and the bicycle and footpaths, in concrete paving stones.

The new bridge will be put into use at the end of 2016. Until then, the old bridge will remain in use, but closed to heavy traffic.

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