Steel tubes for major maintenance of Dutch waterways

Steel pipes for maintenance of the dutch waterways

Steel tubes for major maintenance of Dutch waterways

Rijkswaterstaat has chosen to carry out major maintenance on the Markkanaal, Zuid-Willemsvaart, Wilhelminakanaal and Wessem-Nederweert canals.
This project is part of the major maintenance of waterways projects, namely GOVa phase 7a – design and realisation of bank protection works for the Brabant and Limburg canals.

The reason for carrying out major maintenance at various locations on the waterways in the southern Netherlands is threefold and involves the following:

  • Facilitating future passage for inland shipping;
  • Reinforcing banks that form part of a regional or primary flood defence system in the context of high water safety;
  • Create and maintain Fauna Exit Points to prevent animals drowning in the canal.

Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, the #Hakkers – #Beens Groep contractor combination is carrying out major maintenance at these locations (GOVa 7a). On behalf of this contractor combination, #Jetmix will install the anchors using the self-drilling anchor system of #Geotech Metals.
The scope of supply by Geotech Metals includes some 3,700 self-drilling anchors, the total production of which can be translated into approximately 700 tonnes of anchor steel.

Solines was able to supply the basic material (the steel pipes) for these anchors for this wonderful project.

Dutch waterways project
700 tonnes anchor steel being shuttered

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