Steel tubes for the “Ancora Marina’’

Steel tubes for Ancora Marina III

Steel tubes for the “Ancora Marina’’

For the maintenance of a marina on the Baltic Sea, Solines was able to supply 65 steel tubes at lengths of 15.30 meters.

With more than 1,400 berths, floating pontoons and fixed jetties and piers for vessels from 6 to 35 meters, the “Ancora Marina” is the largest and most modern marina on the Baltic Sea.

The now outdated jetties in the harbor were in need of renovation, and this is what our tubes are used for. The approximately 165 tons of steel tubes, 61 pieces with a size of Ø 610.0 x 11 mm. and 4 pieces with a size of Ø 508 x 11 mm, have a steel quality of S355 and were cut to the desired length in a very short time and then provided with a special corrosion protection.

The originally used tubes, with a smaller diameter and a considerably thinner wall thickness, had no corrosion protection whatsoever. With these new tubes, including coating, a longer life is achieved.

As usual, in consultation with the customer, the material was delivered Just-In-Time to the job site. Are you looking for steel tubes for your project? Then please contact our sales department directly. Tel. +31 (0) 168 35 66 55 or send an e-mail to

Steel tube as mooring post for a marina

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