Steel tube – DN 34 millimeter

Steel pipes
with a diameter of DN 34 millimeter

Steel pipes with a diameter of Ø 34 mm

Are you looking for steel pipes with a diameter of Ø 34 millimeter? Then you are in the right place at Solines B.V. We have been an international supplier of steel tubes from surplus batches for more than 30 years. In addition, we also have a wide selection of tube profiles and seamless pipes in our stock. Our stock consists of more than 40,000 tonnes of steel pipes. So the desired steel pipe with a diameter of 34 millimeter is undoubtedly among them. Even the hard-to-get steel pipes can be found at Solines.

Customized steel pipes

Each steel tube pile can be cut to size by our own saws.

Steel tubes from surplus

Sharp prices and favorable alternatives

Short delivery times

All dimensions in stock so that we can deliver very quickly

Tubes Ø 34 millimeters are well stocked

Solines’ stock contains tens of thousands of tonnes of steel pipes. Thanks to our large stock on the Moerdijk industrial estate, we can deliver the required pipes (Ø 34) very quickly. We can deliver the steel tubes efficiently and in a short time. You will benefit from many logistical advantages, such as a direct connection to the railway. But we are also conveniently located with direct access to the surrounding highways. We even have a connection to the deep sea. So do you want those thin-walled pipes in a diameter of 34 mm at your location quickly? Do not hesitate and contact our sales department.

Customization options for Ø 34 millimeter tubes

In addition to a large stock of steel tubes and pipes, Solines also offers various customization options. Would you like to have steel tubes with a diameter of 34 millimeter cut to a specific length? That is no problem at all. There are plenty of possibilities and we offer many suitable alternatives. Is a Ø 34 millimeter pipe currently not available? We can offer you a suitable alternative at any time.

Steel tube - 15 mm
Tubes of steel - 15 mm
Steel tubes - Diameter 15

Expert advice required for your project?

Solines’ sales staff have extensive experience in the application of pipes and have already supplied many companies in the Netherlands with these steel pipes to their full satisfaction. Please contact the sales department for advice without obligation or to discuss the possibilities of customized work.

Request a quote for steel pipes

And receive a competitive offer within one business day. Do you prefer contact by phone? Our sales department can be reached at +31 168 35 66 55

Why is Solines the best choice for custom steel pipes?

35,000+ tons of stock in Moerdijk

Surplus batches of steel tubes

3 own terminal trucks

Includes about twenty of its own trailers

9,000 tons of stock in Dortmund

Our independent location in Germany

Direct connection to the railroad

Railroad line directly connected to the national railroad network

2500 tons of galvanized pipes

These are produced new for Solines by the factories

Custom welding, tromping and sawing.

With Solines Welding & Construction all operations in-house.

5 mobile cranes

With 3 new revolutionary magnetic cranes: Sennebogen 840E

Competitive prices and fast delivery

Excellent value for money combined with customer-oriented service.

These are our most commonly used tube sizes: