New verge reinforcement in Fridingen (DE)


New verge reinforcement in Fridingen (DE)

Solines was commissioned to deliver a total of 260 steel pipes (approximately 110 tonnes) in the dimensions Ø 193.7 – 219.1 mm for a new verge reinforcement in Fridingen (DE). In order to be able to realize this construction, three different pipe diameters were required, which were partially welded by Solines to the required length.

The following dimensions were used:

  • 218 pipes 193.7 x 10.0 mm in lengths of 4,400 to 14,400 mm
  • 10 pipes 219.1 x 8.80 mm in the length of 1000 mm
  • 34 pipes 219.1 x 16.0 mm in the length of 9400 mm

The pipes were installed as an injection pile. For this purpose, holes with a diameter of 280 mm were first drilled into the ground, or the stone. The pipes are fitted with a standard spacer and have three holes of 100 x 100 mm on each side. These were then countersunk in the pre-drilled holes. After that, the pipes were filled internally and externally with a cement suspension. The torch-cut holes serve for a better connection between cement and pipe. Finally, all the piles are connected by means of a concrete beam. This was also anchored with a micro pile for the sake of stability. The concrete beam ultimately serves as the end edge of the road


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