Thick-walled pipes at competitive prices

Are you looking for second choice thick-walled pipes?

Thick-walled steel pipe

Solines has a large stock of thick-walled pipes from surplus and second choice batches. Solines has a large stock of thick-walled pipes from surplus and second choice batches.

  • Competitive prices
  • Old-fashioned reliability, a promise is a promise
  • Delivered quickly
  • Cut to size and welded
  • Expert advice

Thick-walled steel pipes at competitive prices

The steel pipes that we offer come from surplus batches or second choice batches. We buy different sizes of steel pipes in the market for surplus batches. This allows us to deliver a wide range of pipes from stock at very competitive prices. Pipes that we purchase are checked on arrival for quality. You are always assured of a reliable steel pipe, and the price does not come at the cost of quality!

Delivered quickly and customized

Do you need thick-walled pipes quickly? Then we make sure you have them at your disposal quickly! Our delivery is fast and efficient because Solines has excellent logistics facilities such as its own trailers and terminal trucks. We cover a wide area due to a second independent location in Germany and a central location on the industrial park of Moerdijk with direct connections to the surrounding motorways, deep sea access and a private connection to the railway network.

Every size

Your pipes are custom welded to any size. We can also torch-cut the pipes for you to a diameter of 2500 mm and fully automatic saw them up to a diameter of 820 mm. You always get exactly the length you want. By us handling this for you, you save time, reduce costs and have as little waste as possible.

Expert advice on thick-walled pipes

For more information and advice, you can contact our experienced sales staff by telephone. Is the pipe you are looking for unexpectedly not available? Then we are happy to collaborate with you and look for an alternative to be of service to you!


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