Various sizes of steel tubes supplied

Steel tubes - New year

Various sizes of steel tubes supplied

For one of our customers, we were able to deliver several steel pipes in the first week of the new year.

The dimensions involved were:

  • 5 tubes, longitudinally welded 219.1 x 6.30 mm.
  • 13 tubes, longitudinally welded 406.4 x 8.80 mm.
  • 3 tubes, spirally welded 711.0 x 8.00 mm.
  • 1 tube, spirally welded 1220.0 x 12.50 mm.

The tubes had to be delivered within 24 hours. Speed, flexibility and reliability are three points that set Solines apart.

Would you like more information about the steel pipes sold by Solines? Then contact our sales department directly: tel. +31 (0) 168 35 66 55 or send an e-mail to

Semi-trailer with steel tubes at Solines
Batch of steel tubes in various sizes

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