Galvanized steel pipes | Ø 51.0 x 2.25 mm

Verzinkte stalen buizen

Galvanized steel pipes | Ø 51.0 x 2.25 mm

Greenhouse builders note: the size of galvanized steel pipe of Ø 51.0 x 2.25 mm, popular for greenhouse construction, is back in stock! Ideally suited as rails. These pipes are ordered new from factories that deliver a reliable and very good quality.

  • 260 tonnes
  • Lengths 7 meters

These thermally (hot-dipped) galvanized pipes can be rejuvenated if desired and fitted with drill holes for quick construction. Pipes of this size are frequently used to install rails in greenhouses. Note: despite the size, these pipes are not suitable as heating pipes!

Langsnaad gelaste stalen buizen | Ø 76,1x3,2 mm | ST37/S235

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