September 2018


New verge reinforcement in Fridingen (DE)

Solines was commissioned to deliver a total of 260 steel pipes (approximately 110 tonnes) in the dimensions Ø 193.7 - 219.1 mm for a new verge reinforcement in Fridingen (DE). In order to be able to realize this construction, three different pipe diameters were required, which were partially welded...

August 2018

stalen-meerpalen-voor-aanlegplaatsen-roeiboten-in-breda-worden-geplaatst - kopie

Over 300 berths around the city centre of Breda

One of our customers has been contracted by the Municipality of Breda to realize more than 300 berths in the canals around the city centre of Breda. The objective was to increase the quality of the canals in the recreational area. The berth consists of a pipe post 219.1...

June 2018

May 2018


Solines supplies steel pipes for stilt houses.

For the construction of stilt houses, Solines supplied steel pipes in the diameter 244.5 mm and 406.4 mm. The unique thing about this project is that these luxury homes are really built in the middle of the water. For stability and strength, 200 metres of Ø 406.4 x 12.5 mm...

Stalen buizen voor de dek constructie voor ondergrondse garage

Roof construction for underground garage

Solines has supplied steel pipes for a new underground garage of a German insurer. For this project, 11 pipes with the diameter Ø 1220 x 10 mm were used for the underground garage. The pipes were part of the roof construction. Solines supplied the pipes, and a construction company was...

January 2018

Verzinkte buizen voor tramlijn 23 in Rotterdam geleverd door Solines

Galvanized pipes for tram line 23 in Rotterdam

Tram line 23 runs through the Vakenoordseviaduct in Rotterdam. Between the Keizerswaard and Vuurplaat stops, the tramway for this line was renovated last June. To ensure that the distance between the duo blocks remained the same, the blocks were connected to galvanized pipes. Solines supplied galvanized pipes with a diameter...

Stalen buizen voor solide steigers in jachthavens

Steel pipes for solid jetties in marinas

Solines regularly supplies pipes for marinas. Recently, for a floating jetty of 150 metres in Wijk bij Duurstede. Often, the customer is looking for a suitable but above all affordable solution. Such a solution certainly cannot come at the expense of the quality of the total product: the jetty...


Steel construction: hot-dip galvanized pipes

For the construction of pig, cattle and chicken housing, use is made of thermally (dipped) galvanized pipes in different diameters. Among other things, Solines has a constant stock of galvanized pipes in Moerdijk, so that we can deliver directly. Pipes with different diameters and wall thicknesses These are pipes with diameters...