4,500 meters of welded steel pipes – Ø 76.1 x 2.60 mm

Steel tubes Ø 76.1 x 2.60 mm

4,500 meters of welded steel pipes – Ø 76.1 x 2.60 mm

At Solines in Dortmund, we currently have in stock an impressive 4,500 meters of welded steel pipes, with the specific dimensions of Ø 76.1 x 2.60 mm. These pipes, with a steel quality of S235, are brand new and untreated. They come without a factory certificate as they originate from surplus productions.

With 21 bundles consisting of 37 bars each measuring 6.0 meters, we can deliver quickly and cater to your specific needs. In addition, we offer the service, with the assistance of Solines Welding & Construction, to custom-cut these pipes according to your desired specifications, with precise accuracy.

Our diverse clientele chooses our steel pipes for a range of applications: from steel structures and handrails to balcony railings, fence posts, and even store fittings.

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, Solines has proven itself not only nationally but also internationally. Our name is synonymous with reliability and quality. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality steel pipes at competitive prices.

Are you also considering a partnership with a reputable steel pipe supplier? Contact Solines today. We are here to assist you and provide the best solutions for your project. Send an email to sales@solines.nl or call +31(0)168 – 35 66 55.

4500 meter of steel pipes
Longitudinally welded steel pipes Ø 76.1 mm
Steel pipes Ø 76.1 x 2.60 mm
Steel pipes in steel grade S235

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